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Women Packing with a Royal Touch!

Moving homes can be an overwhelming experience with so much to do and often very little time. Queen Bee Packing understands that your possessions are priceless and our experienced team of women all with caring and compassionate natures are here to help make your move as stress free as possible. We carefully and meticulously wrap your items, organize the boxes and declutter all at the same time.

From packing and unpacking, to home organization, Queen Bee Packing offers a complete service including decluttering, hauling, donations, and hanging of art. Whether you need a trusted professional to manage your entire move, or a few extra hands for a few hours we can tailor our packing services to fit your timeline, your budget and your belongings. We customize a plan based on your needs. Queen Bee Packing will professionally and expertly take care of your move.



Our experienced team of women will carefully, meticulously and efficiently wrap and pack all your possessions. Each box is labeled, color coded, numbered and an itemized list of the content of each box is emailed to every customer. All boxes and packing materials are provided.


Our unpacking service is a small luxury but essential if you need to get on with your ‘life’. Queen Bee Packing can unpack, organize and neatly put away your entire home, or specific individual rooms, leaving you amazed at how quickly your new house becomes a home again!

Decluttering + Organizing

Queen Bee Packing helps our clients make decisions on what items are important and what to keep, what to give to charity or just throw away. Queen Bee Packing will work with you to achieve an organized, calm and balanced environment for you to live, work and ultimately relax in.

Senior Move Management

We also specialize in moving seniors. We sort all items to determine what should be donated, given to friends and relatives or trashed. We help decide what furniture will fit into the new space. We pack, move, unpack and settle in our clients to create a seamless transition into their new homes.

Additional Services

Need a little help with some of the details around the house? Add any of these services to make your move-out and move-in that much easier.

Haul Away: Queen Bee Packing will haul away any items that you do not want going to your new home.

Donations: We can help organize donation pickups for your items that you want to give away.

Hanging Art: We can arrange to have all your artwork hung by a professional in your new home.


Queen Bee Packers are an excellent team of women that made my moving experience stress free and easy. They pay attention to the smallest details and are so organized that when I unpacked I knew exactly where everything was. I have always hated moving and packing all my belongings, but with this company I actually enjoyed the experience. Thank you Queen Bee Packing!

Laura T.Alameda

Sharon is the best. I needed to declutter my parents’ home. With kindness and understanding, she spent weeks with me going through my entire house and garage. Organized the donations, helped with the hauling and I truly could not have done any of this without her help.

Janice F.San Ramon

I can’t say enough good things about Queen Bee Packing. The owner is very professional and works extremely hard. Moving is incredibly stressful for many of us. They recognize this and treated me with kindness and sensitivity. I would definitely recommend them.

Shana S.Fremont

My experience with Queen Bee Packng was wonderful. Sharon and her team of expert packers came to my house on time and were so friendly and professional and made the chore of moving actually seem fun! Everything was packed securely and boxes were labeled clearly. All my belongings from everyday items to family heirlooms arrived with not a dent or a scratch!

Lainee G.Danville

Sharon and her bees get the job done, often under difficult conditions. Expertise and patience are virtues that one needs to succeed in the packing business, and Queen Bee attains has both! Try Queen Bee, you won’t be disappointed!

Michael G.Walnut Creek

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your pricing work?

Each client’s situation is different; services are customized and are individually priced. During your complimentary consultation we will develop a plan that meets your needs, timeline and budget. After the consultation, we will provide you with an estimate of the services you selected.

Why wouldn’t I use a mover to pack and unpack my things?

A typical moving service of men pack and wrap your items and put them in boxes without any consideration for organization. They “unpack” your items by placing them on countertops or tables leaving you with the stress of putting it away yourself. Queen Bee Packing understand that your possessions are priceless and our experienced team of women all have efficient, caring and compassionate natures who are there to help make your move as stress free as possible. We carefully wrap your items, organize the boxes and declutter all at the same time. We label, color-code and number every box and an itemized list of contents of each box is emailed to every customer.

My parents are moving and I am unable to assist in the move, can you take care of it?

Definitely. With our personal touch and tender loving care, your loved ones are in good hands. Queen Bee Packing will assist in each step of the move: packing, decluttering, unpacking and settling them into their new home making them feel like a family member is with them.

Do I need to be present at the time of service?

A Client does not need to be present, you can leave the job completely in our hands.

Can I help with the packing and unpacking?

A client can certainly work with us, helping as much or as little as they would like.

What if I’m not comfortable with strangers looking through my personal items?

Our packing team of women understand that this could be uncomfortable for you. All of our packers are professional, respectful of privacy and understand that they are a guest in your home.

Can you help with short notice? I’m not ready and the movers are coming in a few days.

Absolutely, Queen Bee Packing will have you ready for your move in no time.

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